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Recovery Works is a Hong Kong based programme for individuals and families suffering from the effects of addiction to alcohol or other drugs such as heroin, cocaine or ecstasy.

A multi-disciplinary team of experienced, addiction specialists manages and facilitates the programme.

Our philosophy is that addiction is a disease from which successful recovery is only possible with total abstinence.

Following a comprehensive assessment, a recommendation is made regarding the most suitable treatment option. This could result in referral to Recovery Works' three month, outpatient programme or referral to a residential treatment center overseas.

Family members are encouraged to engage in our Family Programme, as their participation considerably increases the chance of successful recovery.

Recovery Works outpatient program extends over 3 months and consists of individual and group sessions, workshops, and family conferences. Individualized treatment plans are established within a confidential, supportive and empathetic environment.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention programmes are also available to recovering people who require additional ongoing support. Continuing attendance at 12 Step meetings is strongly recommended.

Recovery Works is also able to offer experienced staff to both arrange and facilitate family or workplace interventions.

Recovery Works staff believe that if we provide a safe, supportive environment, accurate information about the 'problem' and the 'solution', as well as a solid bridge into 12 step groups - people will recover.

Contacts : +852 2552 3109 or 94887720


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