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Drug Abuse Information
Cocaine Cocaine Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
Ecstasy Ecstasy Quiz
Heroin Heroin Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
Marijuana Marijuana Quiz
Drug Counselling Information
Minnesota Model Minnesota Model
Relapse Prevention Relapse Prevention
Drug Treatment
Principles of Treatment Principles of addiction treatment
Prescription Drugs Treating Prescription Drug Addiction
Heroin Treating Heroin Addiction
Cocaine Treating Cocaine Addiction
Rapid Opiate Detoxification Rapid Detox Using Naltrexone
Naltrexone Pellets Efficacy of implants versus tablets
Rehabilitation Centres for Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Worldwide)
Caron Foundation (Adult & Youth Programmes) www.caron.org
Father Martin's Ashley www.fathermartinsashley.com
The Betty Ford Center www.bettyfordcenter.org
The Retreat www.theretreat.org
Hazelden (Adult & Youth Programmes) www.hazelden.org
Promises Mailbu www.promisesmalibu.com
The Meadows www.the meadows.org
Willough at Naples www.thewilloughatnaples.com
Clouds House www.clouds.org.uk
Broadway Lodge www.broadwaylodge.org.uk
Lifeworks www.lifeworkscommunity.com
South Africa  
Dots Plot www.thepathwaysgroup.com
Forest Lake Clinic www.thepathwaysgroup.com
Kenilworth Place http://www.kwplace.com
Stepping Stones www.steppingstones.co.za
Tabor Lodge indigo.ie/~tabor
Caribbean/West Indies
Crossroads www.crossroadsantigua.org
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention & General Information
U.S. Treatment Resources www.alchemyproject.net/Links/us_treatment.htm
Narcotics Anonymous www.wsoinc.com
Alcoholics Anonymous www.alcoholics-anonymous.org
Al-anon and Al-ateen www.al-anon-alateen.org
Drugnet www.drugnet.net
D.A.R.E. www.dare.com
DRUGS (Don't Risk Using Get Smart) www.druguse.com
Families Anonymous www.FamiliesAnonymous.org
Cocaine Anonymous www.ca.org
Nicotine Anonymous www.nicotine.anonymous.org
Marijuana Anonymous www.marijuana-anonymous.org
Crystal Meth Anonymous www.crystalmeth.org
A.S.A.M www.asam.org
Alcohol M.D. www.alcoholmd.com
Rapid Detoxification
Lance Gooberman www.lancegooberman.com


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