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Alcohol and Drug Interventions Change Lives.

We are an independent team of internationally experienced, medical and clinical professionals dedicated to;

  • supporting family and work place interventions.
  • ensuring the best possible treatment matching for the patient's needs.
  • efficient expedient escort to residential treatment facility.
  • supportive family follow up service.

Our services begin with an assessment of the crisis either by telephone, in our office, at a school, workplace or private home.

The interventionists will outline treatment options according to the specific needs. (location, clinical matters, medical coverage etc) Once we have determined the appropriate treatment match, our team will take care of admission details and travel arrangements.

Your interventionists will guide you and any others involved, through the process of organizing a professionally facilitated, effective intervention. This will include preparation and rehearsal of written statements to share during the intervention.

Depending on the patient's physical condition and detoxification requirements a staff member will be assigned to escort the patient to the chosen treatment centre immediately following the Intervention.

Progress reports will be obtained and arrangements made for the family members to attend an appropriate family programme.

Our staff will remain available for family or workplace support for the duration of treatment.

Why Intervene?

Alcoholism & Drug addictions are chronic progressive and fatal diseases that if left untreated often lead to loss of productivity, accidental injury of a valued employee, loved family member or friend. Help is available. No one has to hit their "rock bottom" before accepting help… 'Intervention Works'.

If someone you know is struggling with the disease of addiction, it is time to take action
telephone our internationally experienced staff today for more information.

Contacts : +852 2552 3109 or +852 9488 7720

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