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We are an independent group of medical professionals dedicated to the safe transportation of patients around the world.

Our services include comprehensive initial assessment, through communication with the treating doctor and liaison with patient, family, employer and insurance carrier. A medical report and detailed quotation are compiled and patient transfer is then coordinated by our multilingual operations staff.

Our medical personnel are doctors and nurses trained in various specialities and experienced in the care of patients undergoing medical evacuation. We have a comprehensive range of medical supplies and intensive care monitoring and resuscitation equipment.

We evacuate patients by road, sea and air from all Asian countries and we can repatriate to home countries. We can arrange various means of transportation including private jet. We have most experience in the medical escort of patients from China and our proximity to the border allows us to carry out road transfers from southern China direct to Hong Kong.

Contacts : +852 2552 3109 or +852 9488 7720

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