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We are a multi disciplinary group of professionals dedicated to the treatment of patients suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction - including heroin, cocaine and ecstasy.

We offer comprehensive assessment, intervention and treatment including detoxification, rehabilitation and referral with medical escort of patients to a variety of residential treatment centres.

Traditional medical treatment and intensive nutritional supplementation is combined with innovative therapeutic techniques such as rapid opiate detoxification and Naltrexone implant maintenance therapy.

We provide a continuum of care with out-patient rehabilitation for patients and their families including aftercare and relapse prevention. Our programme Recovery Works is a 90-day structured treatment with individual counselling, group counselling and intensive workshops.

Urine and hair analysis for drugs of abuse using a tamper-proof collection system and testing under the supervision of a certified Medical Review Officer ensures accuracy of results for both medical and legal purposes.

Drug testing programmes can be established in schools and the work place. We are also available for medicolegal assessment and expert witness testimony in alcohol and drug-related cases.

Contacts : +852 2552 3109 or +852 9488 7720

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